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F. Richardson --- I went to another chiropractor who was supposed to check on my insurance benefits and then call me back for another appointment but I never heard from him again. I called Dr. Joel and he got me into his office within a day of calling him and verified my benefits and was up front with everything. I have had back problems for years and even went for decompression therapy and spent well over $5000 for that care and after a year I mowed 3 lawns in one afternoon and my back went out on me. I could hardly walk and the pain was horrible. It was like I never went for the therapy a year before. I took the recommedations for care that Dr. Joel provided me with and did the program he susggested.

After a few months I was doing so well that I joined a fitness place and started exercising again. The first time in 3 plus years. My back still acts up from time to time but before it gets too bad I go to see Dr. Joel and he helps my back. I continue to lift weights and exercise. I control my back instead of it controlling me. I do not know where I would be without Dr. Joel and his staff.

Frankie Puopolo — Dr. Joel is incredible! I am a competing powerlifter and his treatment was a Godsend in my pain relief and performance.

Jessica D'Amore - Przybylak — Awesome chiropractor. You're in good hands with Dr. LaCombe!

Sara Spinney Lawrence — I've been describing shoulder pain to different chiropractors and massage therapists for several years, and resigned that it was just chronic pain I had to deal with. In ONE adjustment Dr LaCombe gave me great relief. My two kids also had great adjustments and loved his office. I'm super thankful he moved his practice to my area! I highly recommend coming here.

Amy Henderson Driskell
— I've had back problems off and on for a few years and he was able to put me back together again!

Atticus Smith — Awesome. From an athlete view point, Dr. Joel is a standout in his practice. Knowledge, experience, results... his services have improved both my performances and recovery.

Joelle Rigby — Dr Joel has been so helpful for my entire family! He has treated and helped my husband with his work related injuries and my oldest daughter with injuries and stiffness from high school sports. Dr Joel and his staff immensely helped my young daughter with her migraines with cranial massages and adjustments. Dr Joel is supportive of his community that he works and lives in and we wish him nothing but the best in his new location!

Todd Rimer — No doubt about in the business. Many years of great health and wellness because of Dr Lacombe.

Deanna Bishop
— Dr. Joel is awesome! He is very knowledgeable, personable, and you will leave feeling better in more ways than one. I highly recommend him as a chiropractor.

Michala George Partin — Dr Lacombe treated my entire family for many years. He is an excellent chiropractor, great with adults, teens and young children.

Paul Maratos — Dr. Joel was the only chiropractor I ever truly trusted to adjust my back. Even after eight major surgeries including back surgery he was still able to keep me out of pain and feeling strong in the gym. Not only was he best known for adjusting some of the top athletes in the world but he still regularly adjusted my 82 year old mother. Unfortunately, we have lost a great friend, training partner, and chiro but Texas has gained an absolutely amazing Chiropractor that will keep you pain free for years to come. We miss you Doc!!!